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Saturday, 17 March 2012


hai chipmunks , how's your holiday ? have a great time ? i just wanna share about my holiday (: lets start . Well 1st trip , we go to tawau for three days two night . damn tired , uugh ~ but its enjoy !  

Ready to go Tawau :D

at lif

Breakfast :D

shoping (:
well, when bck its nasib malang laa , hampir2 lagi accident . but thanks god save us . after back , thursday mamii , little brother and i go to sandakan . Fuhh ~ Seafood agn . ngeee . my fav food is Siput Tarik , damn nice . weeeeeeee ~ but when go to shopping , damn TiRED LOL !  its enjoying (: -hai to my broken english LOL- 


Siput Tarik kuu

pemandangan lautan . Location : sim sim

ughh , yesterday baru balik [17/3] . ya this day my besstie Birthday . sii Jessie . i give she a suprice , that i say i wont go her bday . ngahaha ~ she really moody2 . after bck frm sandakan the time is 6.45p.m . ughh ~ damn Tired , but mcm mna punn mesti p bufday party nya . then i ajak lisa go , they dono that lisa will go thr ,  my boyfie fecth me , u gv me a suprice too ! LOL . i had wish tht hve someone gv me 100 Ferrero Rocher and 50 Toblerone . he really buy me But 120 Ferrero Rocher 1 Toblerone . daaah ~ its shock me untill i cnt stop laughing untill my tears come out , He's the 1st boy do like that to me >.< after we reach jessie home baru kami curicurii masuk , haha ! she saw lisa then she Hug , after that i go in . she really SHOCK *.* then hug me . #Hampir sa jatuh lg .


after that party we go other friend bufday party agn . at Blur Raccoon pub . ngaah ~ all the boys2 is being crazy dacing around . girls Singing . haha ! jessie , aku , lissa , and budak SMC cewek2 jadi menari tiang sudaa , urghhh ~ luckyly hv my boyfriend , if not im the crazy one -.-' . oke its time to sleep now , my eyes is being like this -___- uggh .

jessie , wan sin , me, lissa

with my GirlFriend

siau lu with the Bufday girl

Four Of US :)

crazying di Raccoon tuu , ngagaga ~ 


Dear Husband, iLOVEyou Always.

Nite Pretty Handsome (:

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